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"Where Dreams of the Heart, are Turned into Art!"

Artist Roby Snyder has been drawing and painting for over 30 years. Her artwork, which started out as a personal expression for the enjoyment of her husband and close friends, has recently turned into a burning passion and new career.

In November of 2013, two months after attending a two-day intensive retreat about living an authentic life at Drea Bowen's Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center, Roby felt an overwhelming need and desire to begin drawing the herd of horses from the Ranch that so inspired her. From that inspiration, Art of the Herd was born.

Roby first sketched Rasa, a lovely roan who was the first member of the herd to welcome her during that Retreat. And before the night was over, she had sketched out all nine members of the herd. From those sketches, a career path opened up, and a collaboration began between Roby, Drea Bowen, and her magnificent horses. In early January 2014, Drea invited Roby to join her in a new cooperative team she was forming to expand the Equine Facilitated Learning work to better serve the local community, and recently named Roby her "Herd Artist in Residence" at the Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center.

Art of the Herd features graphite renderings of not only the horses from Heart of the Herd Ranch, but work in pencil, watercolor pencils, and watercolors of other horses, animals and birds, from photographs. She welcomes the opportunity to create custom drawings or paintings from your photographs.

To learn more about Roby’s journey, please visit her Meet the Artist page.

To learn more about Drea Bowen, her retreats, the horses of the herd, their stories of rescue and healing, and find out how you can help, please visit the pages within the Heart of the Herd.

We hope that you enjoy the Art of the Herd.

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