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Roby and RasaWhile Roby Snyder has been drawing for over 30 years as an occasional hobby, she has Drea Bowen and her herd of horses to thank for inspiring her to begin this new journey in her life, after 10 years of retirement from the corporate world.

Roby, at the behest of her younger sister attended a two-day intensive retreat about reclaiming the authentic self and living a more authentic soul-inspired life, held at the Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat in Silverdale, Washington. Roby, who went to support her sister as her "authenticity partner," was forever changed by the profound experience.

To this day Roby still remembers telling Drea that she wasn’t attending the retreat for herself, but to support her sister. She recalls Drea’s reply of “Well, that’s fine, but you may find that things come up for you as well, and you may find yourself on a new path." Little did she realize how true that would be.

Two months after attending the retreat Roby found herself missing the herd. Suddenly at 11:00 pm mid-November she had an overwhelming need and desire to begin drawing the herd. She started by sketching Rasa, the first member of the herd to actually invite her to be one of them. From there she continued to sketch the herd until 3:00 am when she realized she had been up all night sketching all nine members of the herd, plus Homer, one of Drea’s original horses, who had passed on a year ago.

Drea and her herd of horses helped Roby overcome a long-standing creativity block and recapture two loved motifs from her childhood: the joy of interacting with horses, and the dream of being an artist.

Roby with JohnnyAs Roby stated, “Suddenly, I met these fabulous, gentle, warm and loving, non-judgmental souls in Drea's herd...and they helped me overcome my fear of horses, and my fear of letting my creativity out.” Roby feels completely connected at a soul level to these horses.

The healing influence of Drea and her horses continues to dissolve the scars inflicted by careless criticism received at an early age that nearly crushed Roby's creative passion and caused her to hide it away for many years. It began to emerge again after she met and married her wonderfully supportive husband of 31 years, Larry, who has always appreciated her creativity and has considered her art as more than a hobby.

A lot of the focus of Drea’s work is to re-unite each person with their right-brain. “It’s about our creativity. We have lost touch with the right side of our brains. We spend so much time thinking, organizing, planning and doing... But we need to be who we are. We need to know our souls, our creative right-brain side.”

Roby feels that she is a shining example of Drea’s work, illustrating the transformative and life-changing effect of getting in touch with one's deeply authentic soul self and connecting with horses.Jeremy and Drea

Since that first retreat, Roby and Drea have been working together and the Art of the Herd was created. Roby is now “following her bliss,” the outward expression of her authentic self. When she isn’t drawing the Herd, she hangs out with them, basking in their warmth and authenticity. She has re-discovered her passion and her joy!

Roby’s art is now featured in Liberty Bay Gallery and Gifts in Poulsbo, Washington.


I want to dedicate this website to my sister Jeremy, my catalyst, and soul-sister; to my husband Larry, my rock, best friend, and Soul-Mate;....and of course, to Drea and the Herd, my Mentors and Muses! Without all of you, this dream might not have come to fruition! And a very big thanks to Jennifer, my website designer extraordinaire!


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