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April Peeking into the OfficeThe Ranch, nestled in among towering firs and cedars, is a lovely, serene and picturesque place where the herd spends much of the time "at liberty," free to roam and graze the several verdant pastures and enjoy the healing tranquility and safety of this sanctuary.

Humans attending classes and retreats at the Ranch also come away with the sense of having spent time in a sacred space, a safe and peaceful eddy in the swift stream of their lives...a place of healing, reinvigoration, rediscovery, transformation, and community.

Drea Bowen has seen it many times before – women who come to her broken, unable to function, and not certain of who they are anymore. She recognizes that woman, because years ago she was that woman. She too had been lost, not certain who she was, and not able to be everything to everyone any longer. For her, it came after 30 years in business, raising three children, a busy life…but there was a void. The only time she felt real peace and her real self was when she was with horses.

Drea’s soul re-discovery started in earnest shortly after she brought horses back into her life in 2001. As is commonly the case, two challenging horses ‘showed up’ courageously to lead her not only to understand their wisdom as fellow social bond mammals, but also to learn to trust her own wisdom.

Drea’s understanding of the power that mutual social bonds have to heal horse and humanity became inspirational to her journey as the herd came together. Each horse contributes his/her own story of ‘finding their way’ to the Heart of the Herd Ranch.

The Herd at Liberty“My horses continue to teach me about the joy and mystery of living from my soul, and I am passionate about sharing that journey with women who are seeking to know the deepest part of who they are and to live like they LOVE it!” said Drea.

Being in nature and engaging with horses through focused and reflective activities reveals challenges and solutions that are often directly translatable and transferrable to everyday life and work situations. Horses respond to congruence of intention and action, trustworthy and connective leadership, and to committed and engaging teamwork.

Horses help humans develop self-awareness, awareness of environment, and others – understanding what our body language conveys, and to discover how well our boundaries are functioning.

Experiential sessions with horses are not about horsemanship or riding, and no horse experience is required to enjoy the benefits of an Experiential Learning or Psychotherapy session. The social herd is inclusive – every horse has a purpose and is essential to how the group works together. Every individual matters and contributes to the whole.

These are the lessons that horses can help humans experience in real time so that they can integrate the lessons into their lives.

Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center’s Equine Experiential Learning and Therapy Professional Co-op

The Co-Op TeamAnother dream of Drea’s was the formation of a co-op of like-minded women to extend the work of the Center to the local community in new ways. For more information on Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center’s Equine Experiential Learning and Therapy Professional Co-op, please visit the Scholarship page or view the Heart of the Herd Ranch Co-Op brochure.

About Drea

Drea is a Board Certified Life and Business Coach for women entrepreneurs and women stepping into mid-life with a strong desire to discover more about their heart's calling, the power of life lived trusting their intuition, and developing a self-relationship that is kind, accepting and empowering.

Drea offers one-on-one phone coaching and personal transformation workshops and retreats at her ranch and retreat center in Silverdale, Washington, as well as lecturing and offering classes across the US and abroad.

As the founder of "R.E.A.L. Principles of Mutual Connection™ - The Science & Soul of the Horse - Human Bond," she is also passionate about teaching the R.E.A.L. principles to horse owners, professionals working experientially with horses and humans, and to people fulfilling a lifelong desire to deeply connect with horses and other non-human animals. Drea is also an instructor trainer for "HEAL", Human Equine Alliance for Learning and Psychotherapy.

For more information about Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center and Drea Bowen, please visit her website at www.DreaBowen.com.

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